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Property values fluctuate naturally because there is a price elasticity in the housing market, real estate professionals such as agents and appraisers rely on number of methods to assign value to your home.

The most common and accurate method is that of the direct comparison. Putting your home side-by-side against other recently sold properties similar to yours in location, size and condition, can lead to clear expectation of market value. It is the agents task from here using his market understanding and experience is to size up the competition and nail down a market value, from which you can add or subtract value based on your home’s unique positioning, features, and upgrades.

To exceed your own expectations on price, making minor changes and get the house show-ready will ensure no stone is left unturned. Focusing on providing a blank canvas, painting over loud walls with (light) neutral colours, replace any dated or worn-out floor surfaces with new carpets or floating flooring, thorough clean, and a declutter times 100.

While every home has its own unique requirements when prepping for sale Young Real Estate will inform you how to best implement particular changes to obtain a premium price.

Choosing the appropriate marking strategy for your home is part art, part science, part psychology — and 100% necessary for a successful sale. There is always more than one way to sell your home and be sure to explore all options, for they all have their own pros and cons.

Understand how your home compares to the competition, Young Real Estate SA looks to be your objective set of eyes and set your property apart in real estate market. Show your home in its best light and give it the send-off it deserves.

Then watch as your home hits the market and immediately generates buzz in the community, simply because you played it smart and listened to over 30 combined years of real estate knowledge and experience.


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